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Automotive Glass:  FACTS
Do not pressure wash for 3-day after replacement of bonded windows, or slam door for 24 hours.
The sooner you have a stone chip repaired the clearer and stronger the windshield repair.
All vehicle windshields and some late model door glass are made of laminated glass.  An inner layer of plastic is sandwiched between two pieces of glass to form laminated glass.  When broken, the glass layers remain in place and less likely to cause injury.
Tempered glass is a strong break-resistant glass used in side and back windows. Should this glass break it is designed to shatter upon impact, into hundreds of small pieces, which eliminates dangerous edges in accidents. 

Barry's Works With Insurance Compaines and Claims

Working with your insurance company, Barry's accepts claims for damage caused by collision, fire, flood, and vandalism to your car / truck, top or interior.